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Reprint Policy

You’re free to link to this site, e-mail links, or add links to your favourite bookmarking sites. You may also print a copy of an article or resource for personal use.

But if there’s an item you want to reprint, post to a web site, or otherwise use, please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Ask first. A simple e-mail or phone call is all it takes.
  • The item must be reprinted “as is” with no edits, including headline, by-line and text. If you need to edit for space, that’s fine, but please submit the edited version to me for approval.
  • A blurb must appear at the end of the article directly following the last line of text. This blurb will include the following copy (along with the correct copyright year):
    Copyright (year) Kassia Gardner. All rights reserved. Kassia Gardner is a respected freelance copywriter and marketing communications specialist. Kassia has been professionally copywriting for businesses for over 15 years, is the owner of Spindle Tree and is very keen on delivering a professional, yet personal service for all her clients. Visit her website at
  • If posting to a web site or reprinting in an e-mail newsletter, the web link must be a live, clickable link to

Easy, isn’t it? Please don’t be nasty and steal my stuff. I almost always say yes, so please play nice.


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