Great design captures the attention, but good copywriting is so essential to helping your clients achieve their marketing and business objectives. The right words can engage the reader’s interest, inspire them and prompt a positive response.

By outsourcing your client copywriting, or even your own marketing content, to a freelance copywriter you can reduce your workload whilst delivering top quality copywriting to your clients.

I’ve worked with graphic designers, web designers and marketing agencies for many years, as well as being a client-side marketing manager, so I know precisely what you need to make sure you have successful projects and happy clients. Many of the agencies I work with trust me to work directly with their clients.

I’ll turn the features of your client’s product or service into real customer benefits; balancing information with persuasion, and not forgetting that all important call to action. Plus you’ll benefit from my copywriting 100% satisfaction guarantee which you can pass onto your clients.

Whatever the size of your client, I can provide the copy you need for one-off projects, like a brochure or website, or I can work with you as a long term partner, for example, providing regular blogging services to your clients.

I understand that you have a budget you need to work to. That’s why my copywriting services are flexible enough to meet your budgets: I can quote on a per job basis, or on a daily or hourly rate: which is ideal if you need a number of small jobs doing across several different clients. And you’ll still have room to add a markup to your client to maintain your profitability.




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