Would it be sitting in front of a PC trying to write some web copy, blog post or leaflet? Or would it be spending time with your clients, mind-mapping your marketing strategy or delivering your product or services?

Instead of letting your time disappear into a black hole while you stare at a computer screen hoping for inspiration and the right words, let me write your copy. You can then focus on the work that will help you grow and develop your business.

Are any of the following on your list?

  • Write a blog posts
  • Update a web page
  • Write the copy for a brochure
  • Write a newsletter or email
  • Proofread and edit copy for a brochure/website/email/blog post

If so, then outsourcing them to a freelance copywriter, like myself, means that you can manage your time better.

Plus copyright on your copy transfers to you once the full payment has been received. Your copy is yours to keep and use however you wish, which means that you get even more value for money. For example, you can publish a blog post and then use it as a basis for your one minute in networking meetings, or you could publish and eBook and use excerpts of it as blog posts.



Let’s get started

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