Are you confident proofreading your spelling and grammar?

proofreading milton keynes

We’ve all done it at some point: sent a report, published a blog post or printed a leaflet and then noticed that there’s a typo in it.

Even if you’re confident in your spelling and punctuation, it’s virtually impossible to proofread your own copywriting. Often you read what you think you’ve written and your brain will auto-correct errors making you blind to them.

Sending out marketing materials, business proposals, white papers or blog posts with errors in them could mean the difference between getting a new customer or not, it could even damage your reputation.

However, documents that are properly proofread and error-free inspire trust and confidence in your email marketing subscribers, website browsers, customers, prospects and business partners.

I can professionally proofread your marketing materials and business proposals for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors so that you can avoid any embarrassing mistakes and ensure you show your business in the very best light.

I offer professional proofreading services based on:

  • Fast turnaround – 3 hour service, same working day, next working day services
  • Pricing based on turnaround and document length
  • Free quote with no commitment
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


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