Business Blogging

Business blogging

When it comes to keeping your blog fresh with new content it makes sense to have a regular schedule for your business blogging. Having a regular blogging schedule:

  • Helps your SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Gets shares on Twitter and Facebook
  • Brings potential customers to your website
  • Positions you as the expert in your industry

Perhaps most importantly regular blogging for business helps people get to know you and your business. After all people are more likely to buy from people and businesses they like and know.

Unfortunately not all of us have the time to blog for our business on a regular basis; we’re often too busy working through all the other things on our to do list, such as doing client work or meeting prospective clients or suppliers.

If you don’t have enough time to create the business blogs you need, let me help. I can write a single blog post for you, or several blog posts. I can also offer a monthly business blogging package.

Whatever option you choose copyright on all the blog posts transfers to you once the full payment has been received; this means that your business blog posts are yours to keep and use however you wish. For example, once you’ve posted the blog posts separately on your blog you could compile them into an eBook and use it to grow your mailing list or use them as a basis for your one minute in networking meetings.

Kick Start Your Blogging

An individual blog post is ideal for kick-starting your blog again, if you’re running out of time before this week’s blog post is due or if you need a high quality article to support your guest blogging strategy. Written on a topic provided by yourself.

Blogging for Your Business

This service is ideal for the busy business owner or Marketing Manager: let me take your business blogging off your To Do list so you can focus on your job. You get four blog posts a month, regular research into your industry and blogs written specifically for your keywords and key phrases.

Business Blogging Bundles

5 blog posts

500-700 words, optimised for your keywords and ready to use.

10 blog posts

500-700 words, optimised for your keywords and ready to use.

15 blog posts

500-700 words, optimised for your keywords and ready to use.

I want something more bespoke

No problem, if the packages above don’t exactly suit your needs just get in touch using the form below and we can have a chat about your business blogging needs.


Want to get started?

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