Whatever the size of your business and whatever you are selling, when a person clicks through to your website, opens your leaflet or reads your blog the first thing they want to know is “What’s in it for me?” Your potential customers what to understand how your product or service is going to help them make their lives easier, make them feel better, save them time or save them money.

As a freelance copywriter I can help you exploit your product’s or service’s benefits, exploit your competition’s weaknesses, know your audience and answer your potential customers’ question: “What’s in it for me?”

Successful copywriting isn’t about beating someone over the head with an over-the-top sales letter, it’s about creating messages that stand out on their own and gets your prospect to take action when they are ready to buy.

Below are just a few of the copywriting services I offer:

If the freelance copywriting service you’re looking for isn’t listed above, please get in touch. If I can’t help you, then the chances are I know someone who can.


No copywriting project is too large, too small or too complex. And I can handle anything from a simple copy editing or proofreading job to copywriting for a complete marketing campaign.

And if you just need some advice, then I’ve got plenty of experience for you to call on. For example, if you want a tactful review of some copy you’ve already got or an experienced perspective on a copywriting issue, I can help.

“The wording Kassia came up with was amazing. I forwarded it to a marketing agency I was working with and they were also very pleased. Thank you Kassia for your excellent work.” Frances Woollard, Director, Sigma Internet Services Ltd

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