When it comes to resources for businesses there’s a lot of choice out there and sometimes the choice is overwhelming. So to help you I’ve put together this list of the things I use in my business and with my clients.

This isn’t intended to be an exhaustive list, I will add to it as time goes on, but every service listed on here is one I’ve personally used and I’m happy to recommend based on first-hand experience. Of course there are other similar services out there, but if they are not on this list then either I haven’t used them or I didn’t like them.








Business Tools



LinkedIn Influence

LinkedIn can be the perfect marketing tool for small businesses independent professionals – if you know what you’re doing. This course helps you learn how to attract high quality clients, get found by potential business partners and boost your personal brand while forming valuable relationships.

Facebook Influence

Dropbox synchs any files you designate, instantly, to “the cloud,” so you can get to them from any other computer or device. I keep all my files in my dropbox folder so it doesn’t even matter what machine I’m using or where I’m located. You can also set up folders to share with other people you designate (great for exchanging large files with other folks).



Full disclosure: If you click one of these links and sign-up for the service mentioned, I may get compensated by the company in question. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a look at them.